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What to consider when
buying luggage online

The right piece of luggage can last you a lifetime, and take you from the south of France to South America. But there’s more to buying your perfect suitcase online than you might have thought.

5 reasons you need to pay attention
to when buying a suitcase

How far
First up, you need to ask yourself: “how far am I going, and what am I doing when I get there?” If you’re flying halfway around the world for a city break in New York, then you’ll probably need a hard-sided, wheeled suitcase that’s easy to carry and robust enough to keep your belongings safe. If you’re jumping in the family car and heading to the seaside, a lightweight suitcase or duffle bag would be ideal.

How long
It seems obvious, but in fact it’s all too easy to overlook the length of your trip and invest in a piece of luggage that’s completely inappropriate for your needs. The best luggage for international travel is likely to be much larger than the ideal bag for a spa weekend, for example. Large suitcases (75cm) are ideal for two-week breaks, whereas medium suitcases (68cm) tend to be the perfect size for weeklong vacations.

How much
Budget is always a consideration. Luggage ranges from less than £80 to well over £1,000, so a lot will depend on the kind of features you’re looking for. The best suitcase brand for you might not be the most expensive one – there’s a piece of luggage for every budget, so decide how much you’re willing to spend in advance and then look for a bag within that price range.

How big
Size matters – especially in the days of budget airlines. Cabin baggage allowances are often very strict – a fact that should be taken into consideration when choosing your suitcase sizes. Remember that a larger suitcase will also be much heavier once it’s packed full of your holiday essentials, so biggest isn’t always necessarily best.

How safe
Soft-sided or hard-sided? Zip closure or three-point lock? The luggage you choose will have different strengths when it comes to keeping your belongings safe. If you’re travelling with a lot of valuables or staying in shared accommodation (hostelling, backpacking etc.) then you might want to think more carefully about the safety features you choose.

What to consider when buying luggage online
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